Step on board the MC38 to experience a new world of excitement.


The MC38 class has been designed and developed to offer owners and crews an engaging and rewarding time on the water. In order to deliver on this promise we have carefully engineered not only the boat itself, but the class rules and the MC38 as a complete package with the following objectives:























By combining the best expertise available in Design, Engineering, Construction, and Racing Rules. The MC38 delivers on these objectives.






Value: TP52 performance and excitement with small boat campaign costs, now available to everyone


Simplicity: eliminating complexity in class rules, boat design and boat handling


Fun: maximizing time on the water racing. minimizing time in transport, set up, maintenance, optimizing and complying with rules


No arms race: control all aspects of the boat design and class rule to ensure a level playing field for all owners regardless of available budget


Owner driven: Owners drive the MC38 class, not only helming their own boats, but every aspect of the class. Owners have driven the brief of the boat from day one, the specifics of the class rules, and the racing on the water.  |  +61 2 999 777 22

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